What Our Customers Say About Stringham Insurance

"Thanks for all your help in trying to keep my rates down, but service and quality up. I have always appreciated your dedication and hard work for your clients. Why do you think I send everyone I can to you for insurance? Thanks again. See you soon."

- Cyndi Holtz

"With Stringham, you know that Dick and Mary Ann are going to know and remember you and your needs and work hard to provide you with the best professional and personal service."

- Myron Martin

"Stringham Insurance is personable - yet, by all means professional. Thanks for all that you continue to do."

- Ginny Tolefree, High School Teacher

"Stringham Insurance is always making sure requests are answered whether casual questions or claims. I'm glad I met Mr. Stringham."

- George Poulos, Commercial Photographer

"The primary benefit of doing business with Stringham Insurance Agency is honesty, personal touch, integrity, availability of staff, low cost, sufficient coverage."

- Gene & Cathy Gremley

"With Stringham, I am working with honest people I could trust."

- Ken Vasecka, Real Estate Appraiser

"Stringham Insurance is an important business in our community. They take very good care of their customers. I feel you get me the best coverage for the lowest cost."

- Frank A. Fleischer

"You are easy to contact and you seem to be looking out for out best interest."

- Jan Vladika, Teacher

"Dick and Mary Ann have both been "Johnny-on-the-spot" regarding any claims or questions. You're great!"

- Ed Lichtenstein, Attorney

"Stringhams care! They are your representative and are with you when things need to get done!"

- June O'Connor, Benefits Analyst

"Stringham Insurance Agency are truly professional in their efforts to provide cost effective insurance and dequate protection. We have never hesitated to mention them to anyone..."

- Gene Mundt, Mortgage Broker

"I've Tested the waters for other quotes and Stringham has been able to provide me with competitive prices and small town service!"

- J.M. Hobson, Steel Company Executive

"At first, price was why I did business with Stringham. I used to sell insurance and the main thing was honesty. I never feel like the advice is based on commission. They have always been helpful even if I did not buy insurance."

- Paul T. Latif, Southwest Clean Care

"We have known and used Stringham for a long time. Stringham will do everything they can do to get an answer for you right away. They are extremely efficient!"

- Robert Heiderscheidt, President Midland Data-Electric

"My experience has taught me that not everyone who calls himself an insurance agent truly has his clients' interests at heart. Stringham is certainly the exception to that rule. What sets you apart is your willingness to promptly service your customers in their time of need. Your sensitivity and understanding are what puts Stringham Insurance well above the average agent."

- Keith A. Graham, Retired Teacher

"We are writing to express our appreciation for the prompt, professional, and courteous service we received from Stringham Insurance Agency when uncontrollable events impacted the safety and solitude of our household. It is comforting to know that in times of difficulty there are people you can rely on for solid guidance. We are glad that we chose you as our agent when we moved to Mokena. You have repeatedly proven to us that we made a great decision. Thank you for managing our insurance needs and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the years ahead."

- Pat Downs, Mokena IL