Privacy Policy

Stringham Insurance Agency, Ltd., in co-operation with you, our valued client, collects various information from you (including social security numbers, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, names, addresses, and so on). There is also the additional information to which we may become privy as a result of the information that our clients and prospective clients give us. These include Credit Scores, Motor Vehicle Records, and so on.

The Illinois Department of Insurance has issued rulings stating that the privacy obligation for agents is not triggered if agents do not share any of this information with unaffiliated third parties (meaning entities who are not insurance companies who are bound by these privacy obligations). As an agency, Stringham Insurance Agency, Ltd. is not in a position to act as an insurance company in any of these matters. Stringham Insurance Agency, Ltd. has always tried to act with the best interests of our clientele at heart. As a result, we never have, and never will, permit the release of any information on any of our clients to anyone other than an affiliated third party. Therefore, Stringham Insurance Agency, Ltd. will not permit the release of any information in our possession on any of our clients for any reason to any other source other than an affiliated source. It is our intention to protect our clients’ privacy and to protect our status as an agency that opts not to share any of this information with unaffiliated third parties.

Stringham Insurance Agency, Ltd. takes all of its responsibilities to its clients, including their privacy, seriously. To us it is a matter of simple decency as well as our corporate policy.