Homeowners Insurance

It is quite likely that your home is your most important and valuable personal asset. It is important that you protect your home and belongings against disaster that can devastate you financially. Stringham Insurance Agency offers broad protection in coverage, competitively priced to give you true value. You need to know what coverages are not included under the normal homeowner’s policy and must be endorsed to that policy. Earthquake and Flood are perils not normally covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. 

How Much Home Insurance Is Enough?

Most homeowner’s insurance companies require that your amount of coverage equal the actual replacement value of your home - this means the actual cost to rebuild your home. This can be very different from the market value or actual purchase price of your home. Stringham Insurance Agency works with you to estimate the actual replacement value of your home.

What About My Personal Property?

Homeowner’s policies, including renter’s and condo-owner’s policies, provide coverage for your personal property . This coverage is usually issued on a replacement cost basis. We caution you! There are restrictions and limitations on certain types of personal property. These include, but are not limited to, jewelry, furs, cash, silverware and goldware, guns, securities, bonds, business property, and certain other types of property as well. We want to bring all of this into focus for you. No insurance policy covers everything. We want you to understand the restrictions and limitations to help you make the appropriate purchase.

Loss of Use!

Homeowner’s policies provide for additional protection called Loss of Use. This provides an additional amount of coverage made available to cover the additional costs of living associated with a loss that forces you out of your home.

You Mean I Can Be Sued?

Homeowner’s policies also provide protection against your exposure to liability suits. These may result from damage to the property of another, or injury to another person, not a member of your household, for which you can be help responsible. In recent years, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to be sued for injuries or damages to others, even when there is no evidence of negligence by the homeowner. The reality today is that if you have any appreciable assets, you may be a target for a lawsuit. Even if you ultimately prevail in court, your legal fees and the months and/or years of uncertainty can be a terrible burden on you and your family. Your homeowner’s policy promises to defend you and pay up to the liability limit provided by your homeowner’s policy.

We Recommend…

We recommend that you increase the limit of liability insurance available under your homeowner’s policy with a personal umbrella available in limits from $1 million and $2 million and up. Not only will this increase your homeowner’s limit, but your auto liability coverage as well. The cost us usually very reasonable. Call Stringham Insurance Agency. 

What If I Do Not Live In The House?

A homeowner’s policy is only available when the homeowner resides on the premises or if the property is being used exclusively as your seasonal residence. If you are renting your home to others you need to contact us. Homes rented to others are covered under a different coverage form…not the homeowner’s policy. Remember, the homeowner must reside on the premises to obtain a homeowner’s policy. Other properties are insurable other ways.